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Lena Nozizwe Reporting: Tupac’s Murder Was His Case

Aug 2021

Ep 0 :Prelude

August 31, 2021
Twenty-five years ago Brent Becker was a homicide detective with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Lena Nozizwe was an on-air correspondent and producer with a prime-time crime show. Their paths crossed after Tupac Shakur was shot on September 7. 1996 on his way to perform at a benefit concert.
Twenty-five years later "Lena Nozizwe Reporting: Tupac's Murder Was His Case" examines the investigation. This episode provides a preview of the limited series podcast. Nothing is off the table.
September 7, 1996
The Autopsy
The Investigation
The Usual Suspect
Solved? Unsolved? Unprosecutable?
Twenty-five Years After
Questions 2
Questions 2 continued
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Lena Nozizwe: Creator, Host, Writer, Producer, Composer, Artist
Jen Nathan Orris: Audio Producer, Sound Consultant
Lowell t. Siwundhla: Creative Consultant Emeritus
Clive Kennedy: Announcer 
Special Thanks: Anabel Vidrio
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